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Host An Event

Requirements for Hosting a Fun Match:

- Host Club has a valid membership in good standing with I Smell A Rat! Association.

- Host Club has contacted the Association via the contact form with Fun Match details such as Date, Time and Location

- Host Club has submitted a request for an Association Representative to attend and evaluate the Fun Match

- Host club has reviewed the Rule Book and adheres to all rules and regulations.

Once the Fun Match has happened and the event grounds have been approved by the Association Representative:

- Host Club must fill out a Trial Application and submit the appropriate fees

- Host Club has secured a Judge or multiple Judges depending on which events the Host Club is offering

- Once the Trial date, location and Judge(s) have been approved by the Association the Host Club must submit the Trial Premium and Entry forms for approval before releasing them for entries

- Upon final approval for the Trial to proceed the Association will assign a Representative to attend your Event for Data Entry and to assist with the Event

Please Click HERE for the Trial Application. This must be submitted to

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Thanks for submitting!

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