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Founding Members

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Co-creator and Director for I Smell A Rat! Association - Ashley Hyde

The invention of ISAR was based on a group of like minded individuals who wanted to play a game that we and our dogs love. It all started in March of 2020 when Eryn and I had a vision of what we wanted for our new association and the primary focus was going to be about an all inclusive group with the idea to broaden our reach to an international level.


I have 4 dogs of my own, 3 of which currently train and play in the sport. One border collie and 2 terrier mixes who explode with pure joy when they are using their noses and solving puzzles.

Co-creator and Director for I Smell A Rat! Association - Eryn Audette

I've been doing rat sports and scent work for 5 years. I have 3 dogs of my own who currently train and compete in rat sports and scent detection. Suzy, my 6 year old Basset Hound also plays Flyball and does trick training. Monte is my youngest at a year and a half and he adds Flyball, tricks, disc and we are going to give dock diving a try in the near future too.

The creation of the association was something that we had an image of growth for and I am excited to be able to bring it to an international level.

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